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The Elegant Eddy Duchin
Eddy Duchin

Elegant is an apt word to describe the fashionable society band directed by pianist Eddy Duchin during the 1930s. For a time he was engaged as a pharmacist but eventually turned to music leaving behind a splendid recorded legacy from which 22 selections are included here.

His start as a pianist came with the prestigious Leo Reisman Orchestra, first at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel then at the swank Central Park Casino. By 1932 Duchin became the leader of this dance band and short time the handsome and personable Duchin became a hit with the cream of society wherever he played.

In 1933 Eddy Duchin and His Orchestra began recording for Victor and in the next five years cut some 160 songs for this label. Many of these were songs featured in films and a surprising number of them became standards. Most the vocals choruses, including I Only Have Eyes For You, were by performed by Lew Sherwood whose pleasing voice was ideal for romantic ballads. Sherwood also played trumpet in the band. On occasion other established personalities would record guest vocals, for example, crooner Buddy Clark's Heaven Help This Heart Of Mine and composer Harold Arlen's Ill Wind. This first album offers a prime sample of the elegant Duchin sound from 1933 to 1937.
  Track Song Title Artist Date Time
1 It`s Delovely Jerry Cooper 1936 3:03
2 Moon Over Miami Lew Sherwood 1935 3:06
3 Love Is Good for Anything That Ails You Lew Sherwood 1937 2:22
4 I Only Have Eyes For You Lew Sherwood 1934 3:20
5 When A Woman Loves A Man The DeMarco Sisters 1934 3:26
6 It`s The Talk of the Town Lew Sherwood 1933 3:19
7 Too Marvelous For Words Jerry Cooper 1937 3:07
8 A Star Is Born Buddy Clark 1937 3:05
9 I`ve Got a Feelin` You`re Foolin` Lew Sherwood 1935 2:56
10 Let`s Fall In Love Lew Sherwood 1934 3:05
11 Close Your Eyes Lew Sherwood 1933 2:58
12 Dames Lew Sherwood 1934 2:47
13 I Cover The Waterfront Lew Sherwood 1933 3:22
14 Did You Ever See A Dream Walking? Lew Sherwood 1933 3:22
15 Haunting Me Lew Sherwood 1934 3:37
16 South Sea Island Magic Lew Sherwood 1936 3:22
17 Ill Wind Harold Arlen 1934 3:34
18 Isn`t This A Lovely Day? Lew Sherwood 1935 3:10
19 Flirtation Walk Lew Sherwood 1934 3:24
20 I See Two Lovers Lew Sherwood 1934 3:33
21 Heaven Help This Heart of Mine Buddy Clark 1937 2:57
22 Lights Out Lew Sherwood 1935 3:06
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