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Wonderful Nonsense
Fun Songs of The Roaring Twenties

"Baloney," "Applesauce," "Banana Oil," "Horsefeathers" were all terms meaning nonsense in the 1920s. Featured here are 40 amusing recordings from that period of wonderful nonsense. While fun to hear, this album also provides insights about life in this colorful decade. You may even recognize some of the old standbys like Ain't We Got Fun, and Yes! We Have No Bananas.

F. Scott Fitzgerald described the period as "the gaudiest spree in history," which may have been an understatement. Songs like Collegiate Sam portrayed our centers of higher learning as a place for amusement and romance. Numerous selections touch upon the liberation of women, notably Masculine Women! Feminine Men and Mama's Gone Young, Papa's Gone Old. Etiquette Blues pokes fun at Emily Post and her best selling book "Etiquette", and a debunking of innocence is suggested by How Could Red Riding Hood (the first song to be banned on radio). Of course, prohibition does not escape commentary.

Leading topics for songs in this collection are food and lovemaking, both high on the scale of human appetites. But fads such as facelifts and diets also receive some attention. Songwriters were keen observers of behavior and the foibles of the "Jazz Age" became an amusing subject for songs.
  Track Song Title Artist Date Time
1 Ain`t We Got Fun The Harmonizers 1920 3:22
2 Oh! By Jingo! Billy Murray 1920 2:36
3 Yes! We Have No Bananas Benny Krueger 1923 3:00
4 Charley, My Boy Billy Murray 1924 3:12
5 Barney Google Billy Jones & Ernest Hare 1923 2:39
6 Stumbling Frank Crumit 1922 2:30
7 Bringin` Home The Bacon Billy Jones 1924 2:56
8 It Ain`t Gonna Rain No Mo' The Bar Harbor Society Orchestra 1923 3:10
9 Pardon Me (While I Laugh) Billy Jones & Ernest Hare 1925 2:54
10 Don`t Bring Lulu Bennie Krueger 1925 2:50
11 Where`d You Get Those Eyes? Abe Lyman 1926 3:00
12 Lenore Ernest Hare 1925 2:54
13 Tonight`s My Night With Baby Irving Kaufman 1926 2:43
14 I`m Just Wild About Animal Crackers Irving Aaronson 1926 2:41
15 There`s A Trick In Pickin` A Chick Chick Chicken California Melody Orchestra 1927 2:49
16 My Cutie`s Due At Two To Two Billy Jones & Ernest Hare 1926 2:50
17 If My Baby Cooks (As Good As She Looks) Harry Reser 1926 2:34
18 No Wonder She`s A Blushing Bride Jim Miller & Charlie Farrell 1926 2:29
19 She`s The Sweetheart Of Six Other Guys Fred "Sugar" Hall 1927 2:49
20 I Love The College Girls Fred Waring`s Pennsylvanians 1926 3:07
21 Gonna Get A Girl The Six Jumping Jacks 1927 2:47
22 Masculine Women! Feminine Men! Irving Kaufman 1926 2:57
23 Hard To Get Gertie Jane Green 1926 3:23
24 Ever Since The Movies Learned To Talk Billy Murray 1928 2:44
25 (Every Night I Bring Her) Frankfurter Sandwiches Al Lentz 1927 2:38
26 Red Lips Kiss My Blues Away Aileen Stanley & Johnny Marvin 1927 2:19
27 Crazy Words Crazy Tune Vaughn DeLeath 1927 2:46
28 I`ve Never Seen A Straight Banana Fred Waring`s Pennsylvanians 1927 2:51
29 I Faw Down And Go Boom Dick Robertson 1928 3:13
30 How Could Red Riding Hood The Yacht Club Boys 1926 2:45
31 Pasta Fazoola Van & Schenck 1927 2:38
32 It`s A Million To One You`re In Love Franklyn Baur 1927 2:49
33 (Does She Love Me?) Positively Absolutely Aileen Stanley & Billy Murray 1927 2:25
34 Etiquette Blues Mona Motor Oil Twins 1928 3:23
35 I Never See Maggie Alone Irving Aaronson 1927 2:46
36 Hungry Women Eddie Cantor 1928 2:11
37 Tain`t No Sin (To Dance Around In Your Bones) George Olsen 1929 2:48
38 Mama`s Gone Young - Papa`s Gone Old Ed Lowry 1929 2:31
39 Collegiate Sam Eddie Walters 1929 3:04
40 My Wife Is On A Diet Billy Murray & Walter Scanlon 1929 3:02
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